We live & breathe creativity!

Sound Works

The "sound" inserted within a campaign or project may cause impacts and strengthening your brand and/or musical project. Often emotional factors overlap the rational ones, the most important music purpose.


- Mix & Master

- Compositions

- Orchestrations

- Soundtrack recordings for movies, games, social and radio/TV advertisements.


Visual Design

Businesses and projects do not become big just for their products and services itself, but allied to their concepts, thinking and IMAGE. We always work to reach this goal!


- Video Edits

- Banners

- Flyers

- All types of visual creation.


Voice Recordings

The voice is unique. It is the "fingerprint" of your business. It's the word of your musical project or company!


- Music recordings

- Choirs

- Speeches

- Narration and dubbing (English and Portuguese).


The visual art of your event is the first established contact between the parties and must be carefully developed!


- Party Invitation Art

(wedding, kids, corporate events, shows),

- Video production and slideshow

- Photographic services.


Jingle, Spot & Teaser

They are very important marketing tools to captivate your audience and must be done with technique and strategy!


We develop jingles, spots and teasers with personalized soundtracks, speeches, video recordings and edition, as needed for each specific work.


Corporate Services

Communicate with your audience is much more than a simple presentation, it's choosing a tone of voice, a posture, the right way to say what you need!


- Websites design (Wix platform pro designers)

- Brand Development

- Visit cards

- Social media artwork.


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